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November 2, 2011 / California Film Institute Blog


Justin Lerner’s first feature film, “Girlfriend”, is a well written story about an unlikely relationship between a young man with Down Syndrome and his high school crush who is still tied up with her volatile ex-boyfriend. The cast is small yet powerful. Evan Sneider and Shannon Woodward portray their characters perfectly. He flawlessly delivers the most impacting lines of the film and maintains his innocence of his character. Shannon Woodward presents herself as a deeply lost and hopeless woman searching for happiness in her tiring life. “Girlfriend” is a heavy film with many secrets behind the dialogue and the excellent, artistic filming techniques.

“Girlfriend” tied with “Pariah” for the Audience Favorite US Feature Award at the 34th Mill Valley Film Festival. The audiences of the festival chose their favorite screenings for the Audience Favorite US Feature Award. MVFF finished up on October 16th with more than 178 screenings from 57 different countries and 30 official premieres. More than 50% of the screenings and events were sold out to 400,000 attendees this year.


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